All in One Rhinoplasty Minor Revisions Private Course

Dear collegues and rhinoplasty enthusiasts,

As you all know, one of the most essential and dispensible rules of a successfull rhinoplasty practice is undoubtfully to manage your own revisions.

So, I wanted to share the cases with you, the real results from my revision patients, why and how I decide to make minor revision operations to the patients, what are the main purposes, and this is the idea behind my purpose of organizing this intense course.

How can we manage our revisions practically with closed approach, especially in middle vault, tip or bony vault, in which cases we should choose open approach, we will discuss all these in our intense course.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Dr. Emre Ilhan


• Learn the ways of minor revision cases to run a success ful rhinoplasty practice

• Practic always of minor revisions with closed and open approach.

• Discussions on real patient results with live surgeries.

• Discussions about psychology of patients who demand revision for non problematic noses.

• What are the causes of:
o Bony vault problems?
o Skin adaptation problems?
o Middle vault problems?
o Tip problems?

• Minor revisions in thick skin and thin skin patients

• Minor revisions / revisions in the tip

• Secrets of long term successfull results

• Sebaceous skin long term treatments

• How to manage the depressive and compulsive patients with immediate results?

Dr. Emre İlhan

Dr. Selim Turan

Dr. Hüseyin Özay


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