9th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress

In May 2024, we are organizing the 9th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress, an event that rhinoplasty enthusiasts from all over the world look forward to every year.

The 9th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress will take place on 3-4-5 May 2024 at the Hilton Bosphorus Hotel, located on the European side of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus.

9th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress will be attended by a faculty of 63 people, consisting of the world's most important surgeons.

Participants will be able to watch a total of 6 live surgeries for three days, two simultaneous surgeries each day.

Scientific Cometee

Dr. Jose Carlos Neves

Co Presidents

Dr. Emre İlhan

Co Presidents

Dr. Hüseyin Balıkçı

Co Presidents

Dr. Froilan Paez

Co Presidents

Teacher of Honor

Alwyn D'Souza

Roxana Cobo

Ignazio Tasca

Guests of Honor

Dr. Fazıl Apaydın

Dr. Süreyya Şeneldir

Dr. Eren Taştan

International Faculty

Dr. Enrico Robotti

Dr. Yong Ju Jang

Dr. Nabil Fakih

Dr. Chia Chi Kao

Dr. Alireza Mesbahi

Dr. Anil Joshi

Dr. Sameer Ali Bafaqeeh

Dr. Cristian Cordero

Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade

Dr. Diego Arancibia-Tagle

Dr. Barbara Flora

Dr. Ahmadreza Rajaee

Dr. Javier Galindo

Dr. Patricia Regalado

Dr. Ithzel M. Villarreal

Dr. Bülent Uğurlu

Dr. Juan Diego Mejia

Dr. Heriberto Valdes

Dr. Frederico Keim

Dr. Brajendra Baser

Dr. Blas Garcia

Dr. Eduardo Morera Serna

Dr. Hao Liu

Dr. Xiaojian Liang

Dr. Adriana Furlong

Dr. Frank Datema

Dr. Firas Hamdan

Dr. Gustavo Romero

Dr. Nodir Ibatov

Dr. Mohammed Shbair

Dr. Torekhan Izteleu

Dr. Sabina İsmailova

Dr. Ulises Quijano

National Faculty

Dr. Hüseyin Balıkçı

Dr. Sercan Göde

Dr. Tevfik Sözen

Dr. Ahmet Alp

Dr. Alparslan Yıldırım

Dr. İlker Yiğit

Dr. Murat Songu

Dr. Ali Evlice

Dr. Erkan Soylu

Dr. Güncel Öztürk

Dr. Naser Dadaşzade

Dr. Alev Camcıoğlu

Dr. Volkan Sunter

Dr. Köksal Yuca

Dr. Özgür Kemal

Dr. Serkan Barışkan

Dr. Hüseyin Özay

Dr. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu

Dr. Vedat Taş

Dr. Ozan Erol

Dr. Volkan Kahya


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