03 MAY 2024 / DAY 1

08:00Welcome Remarks / Introducing the Honorary Guests Dr.E.İlhan / Dr.F.Apaydın
08:10Masterclass: My Hybrid Approach to Dorsum and Tip in Primary Rhinoplasty: Why and How? Dr.E.Robotti (40 mins)
08:50Masterclass: The Precision Rhinoplasty Philosophy: Dorsum-Sidewall / Sidewall-Bony Base transitions Precision is the New Preservation? Dr.E.İlhan (30 mins)
09:20Masterclass: The Precision Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr.J.Carlos Neves (30 mins)
09:50Coffee Break
(Coffee will be served all day)
10:00Live Surgeries: Moderators: E.İlhan - S.Gode (Moderator in O.R. : H.Özay)
Live Surgeries 1: Dr. Froilan Paez Primary Rhinoplasty with Fusion Techniques
Live Surgeries 2: Dr.Tevfik Sözen Structure Rhinoplasty
12:30LUNCH (Live Surgery Transmitted to Exhibition Area)
13:30New Concepts and Approaches (Moderators P.Regalado / B.Baser) (7 mins Each)
- Anatomy of the nose (skin, bones and muscles) Dr.P.Regalado
- Finesse in piezo assisted bone cuts ,beyond the classic lines of osteotomy Dr.A.Rajaee
- Septoplasty and Septorhinoplasty in children current status Dr.B.Baser
- Precision Rhinoplasty for the Crooked nose Dr.S.Turan
- My Hybrid Rhinoplasty Approach Dr.M.Shbair
- Combining power tools and Piezo: why and how Dr.E.Robotti
- Double Septal Extension Graft ‘The Lego Concept’ Dr.G.Romero
- How to deal with hard nostrils ‘How to control the footplates’ Dr.S.Gode
- Discussion
14:30Preservation Rhinoplasty Re-Visited (Moderators : B.Flora / T.Sözen) (7 mins Each)
- Cartilage preservation techniques in rhinoplasty Dr.R.Cobo
- Follow up from the last stitch to the third month: Tips for good healing-Leaving structural for preservation and whirling back Dr.M.Songu
- When and why i perform Preservation Rhinoplasty ‘My patient selection criterias’ Dr.A.Evlice
- Splitting the middle vault in cartilaginous push down and full letdown: the technique and rationale Dr.E.Robotti
- Applying preservation rhinoplasty in the mestizo and latin nose.” Dr.H.Valdes
- Combination of Structural and Preservation Rhinoplasty Techniques. Dr.T.Sözen
- Ostetomies in preservation rhinoplasty Dr.B.Flora
- Natural Aesthetics lines on thick skin patients/ preservation + Hybrid Rhinoplasty - Ethnic Rhinoplasty Dr.G.Romero
- Discussion
15:30Coffee Break
15:40Keynote: Dorsal augmentation: my personal technique Dr. B. Garcia (20min)
16:00The Bony and Cartilaginous Framework (Structure-Precision-Preservation) (Moderators:A.Evlice/J.Galindo) (7mins each)
- My Approach to Nasal Dorsum Dr.F.Apaydın
- Structural contours in the open and closed roof for Maximum Dorsal Definition Dr.F.Paez
- Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty ‘why to combine with burrs?’ 10 years and over 2000 Cases Dr.E.İlhan
- Reshaping the bony framework Dr.H.Balıkçı
- Straight versus curve dorsal profile based in patient’s preferences - Dr.J.Galindo
- My Approach to Dorsum and Middle Vault Dr.S.Barışkan
- Setting up the Dorsal Sidewall Transititons with Precision Powered Instruments in Dorsal Re-Shaping Dr.H.Ozay
- Osteotomy Techniques in Structural Rhinoplasty Dr.A.Evlice
- Discussion
17:00Crooked /Deviated Nose; Middle Vault and Caudal Septal Problems Moderators: C.Cabbarzade- G Kayabasoglu (7 mins each)
- Management of middle third in Endo-nasal Rhinoplasty Dr.A.DeSouza (18 mins)
- Caudal Septal Deviation proposed classification and Managment Dr.B.Baser
- Caudal Septal Deviations and Proper Approaches Relations with Alar Base Dr.E.İlhan
- Nasal Osteotomies: Piezo & Micro-Osteotom Combination Dr.N.Dadaszade
- Radix high spreader grafts , a novel technique to augment and define the nasal dorsum Dr.F.Paez
- Septal Approaches in Crooked Nose Patients F.Apaydın
- How I manage a deviated nose? Dr.C.Cabbarzade
- Management steps in crooked nose/face’’ Dr.G.Kayabasoglu
- Discussion
18:00Keynote Lectures From The Teachers of Honor. Moderators:J.Carlos Neves /E.İlhan (10 mins)
- Correction of short nose deformity Dr. YJ Jang
- Personal philosophy in management of Thick Skin and Soft tissues in Rhinoplasty Dr.A.DeSouza
- Cone beam CT scan, why it matters practically Dr.E.Robotti
- Endonasal Rhinoplasty-The Italian Way Dr.I.Tasca
- The New Septocolumellar Suture Classsification Dr.F.Apaydın
- Discussion
19:00End of Day 1
20:30The Opening Cocktail Hilton Bosphorus Hotel

4 MAY 2024 / DAY 2

Masters’ Horizon Moderators: F.Datema / R.Cobo
08:00Masterclass: Ethnic Rhinoplasty Do’s and Don’ts Dr.R.Cobo
08:20Masterclass: Rhinoplasty learning curve acceleration Dr.F.Datema
08:40Masterclass: SPAR a 19 years of journey -from pure preservationn to HPR/ Precision Preservation. Dr.M.Ferraz
09:00Masterclass: The Deformities of The Lateral Crura and Proper Approaches Dr.F.Apaydın
09:20My Rhinoplasty Story : Lessons Learned in 30 years Dr.S.Şeneldir
09:40Coffee Break
10:00Masterclass: Extensor septal vectorial 593 Dr.C.Cordero
10:15Live Surgeries The Preservation meets Precision. Moderators: T.Sözen, M.Songu, S.Göde (Moderator in O.R. H.Ozay)
Live Surgeries 1: Dr.Emre İlhan Precision Rhinoplasty
Live Surgeries 2: Dr. J.C Neves Tetris Preservation Rhinoplasty
12:30LUNCH (Live Surgery Transmitted to Exhibition Area)
13:30The Excellence in Tip Surgery Moderators: S.İsmailova/N.Dadaszade (7 mins each)
- Armadillo vectorial tip plasty : Understanding intermediate crus support Dr.F.Paez
- Nasal tip sculpting Dr.A.DeSouza
- Tip Surgery in Thick Skin Patients Dr.S.İsmailova
- How to create an attractive nasal tip Dr.N.Dadaszade
- My Tipplasty Techniques that creates Satisfaction Dr.A.Alp
- The ideal geometry of the tip complex and how to achieve it Dr.H.Ozay
- Surgical management of a droopy nasal tip Dr.S.A.Bafaqeeh
- Tip plasty - a conservative sequence Dr.J.C.Neves
- Discussion
14:30Tip Definition and Tip Support (Moderators: H.Özay/O.Erol) (7 mins each)
- The isosceles tip - laser assisted mid-line Dr.J.C.Neves
- How to interact tip with septum Dr.S.Gode
- Facilitating reconstructive rhinoplasty: the tip Dr.J.D.Mejia
- ROSEG: defining the final nasal tip position Dr.R.Cobo
- How to beautify bulbous and underprojected nasal tip Dr. YJ Jang
- Why does a strong stable SEG deviate? Dr.A.R.Rejaee
- Supratip breakpoint management Dr.O.Erol
- The Radial Expression Theory and the Midline Anatomical Cone Grafts for the Ultimate Narrowing of the Tip Dr.E.İlhan
- Discussion
15:30Coffee Break
15:40Keynote: Suture Tip Plasty Revisited: The Lateral Crural Steal and the Styles of The Nose… a practical algorithm Dr.E.İlhan
15:50Keynote: Extraordinary Maneuvers in Rhinoplasty Dr.H.Balikçi
16:00Keynote The Fusion Sling - revisiting tip anatomy Dr.J.C.Neves
16:20The Ethnic Rhinoplasty Moderators: (A.Alp/A.R.Rejaeee) 7 mins each
- Dorsal augmentation with glued diced cartilage shaped with mould Dr. YJ Jang
- Ethnic Noses: the techniques that work Dr.A.Alp
- What I revised in ethnic rhinoplasty in years - A.Yıldırım
- An algorythmic approach to tip definition in thick skin and ethnic noses. Dr.A.Rejaee
- My rhinoplasty routine in Brazilian Noses Dr.F.Keim
- “Dealing with the mexican catastrophic noses: beauty + reconstruction.” Dr.H.Valdes
- Ethnic Rhinoplasty - How to improve definition in thickest skins and Ethnical Noses Dr.M.Ferraz
- Ethnic characteristics of rhinoplasty in Central Asia Dr.N.Ibatov
- Discussion
17:20The Ethnic Nose The Face and More…. Moderators: (İ.Yigit/D.A.Tagle) 7 mins each
- Supratip definition in primary and secondary cases - Dorsal management Dr.D.A.Tagle
- Valves Mechanic - engineering and architecture in rhinoplasty Dr.C.Cordero
- Profiloplasty with Fat İnjections Dr.İ.Yigit
- Rhinoplasty in Men Dr.B.Aydemir
- Direct Browlift with Suspension to Pyriform Space Dr.N.Fakih
- Innovative Microfat & Nanofat Membrane in Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr.N.Fakih
- My Mistakes that i learned from in 10 years Dr.V.Kahya
- Critical Considerations for Successful Osteotomies in Asian Patients Dr.T.Izteleu
- Discussion
18:20Secondary Rhinoplasty Moderators: H.Balıkçi /N.Fakih (7 mins each)
- What do I do in multple revisions? Dr.H.Balikci
- A New Technique for Correction of Fibrous Pollybeak deformity Using A Rotational V shaped Flap in Secondary Rhinoplasty Dr.N.Fakih
- Repair of the nasal framework in Revision rhinoplasty - Lengthening the nose. Dr.E.Soylu
- Revision rhinoplasty in mutilation Dr.C.Cordero
- Endoscopic Costal Cartilage Harvest and use in Secondary Cases Dr.E.ilhan
- Closed revision rhinoplasty ‘Conracted Skin’ Dr.S.Gode
- Auricular composite grafts to correct severe alar rim retraction Dr.F.Datema
- Revision Rhinoplasty and Complications Dr.Ahmet Alp
- Discussion
19:20End Of Day 2
21:00Rhinobosphorus Boat Tour With Dinner Meet The Masters On The Deck

05 MAY 2024 / DAY 3

08:00Keynote Lectures: Moderators :A.R.Mesbahi- A.Joshi (12 mins each)
- Secondary Rhinoplasty: Endonasal solutions - Courses and appeal in Rhinoplasty Dr.I.Tasca
- Dorsal augmentation using finely diced cartilage with fibrin glue graft - Dr.R.Cobo
- Nasal Osteotomies : Practical Tips & Tricks Dr.A.R.Mesbahi
- Management of the thick skin rhinoplasty patient Dr.R.Cobo
- Achieving the Truly Natural dorsum in Secondary Rhinoplasty: the SPF-SPLF graft Dr.E.Robotti
- Preservation Concepts in Revision Rhinoplasty Dr.M.Ferraz
- Septal Perforation Repair with Flaps Dr.A.Joshi
- Frequent Rhinoplasty Complications Dr.S.Bafaqeeh
- My 12 steps in rhinoplasty surgery Dr.B.Garcia
- Discussion
10:00Coffee Break
10:10Live Surgeries Structure and Preservation Meets. Moderators:E.İlhan - F.Paez - T.Sözen (Moderator in O.R. : H.Özay)
Live Surgeries 1: Dr.Ali Evlice Preservation Rhinoplasty
Live Surgeries 2: Dr. Hüseyin Balikci Primary Rhinoplasty Structural/Precision
12:30LUNCH (Live Surgery Transmitted to Exhibition Area)
13:30Thick and Thin Skin and İts Management (Moderators : H.Valdes, P.Regalado) (8 mins each)
- My golden techniques for thick skin management Dr.B.Ugurlu
- Medical management of thick skin in rhinoplasty Dr.P.Regalado
- How to deal with thin skin patients Dr.E.M.Serna
- Thick skin protocol. Preop, intraop and postop management Dr.F.Paez
- Thick skin management Dr.H.Balikci
- 10 tips arround the thick skin patient: how to get a better result Dr.H.Valdes
- The Facial Surgical Techniques that completes Rhinoplasty Dr.F.Hamdan
- Discussion
14:30More Tip Surgery :Septal Extension,ANSA Graft and Columellar Strat Grafts (Moderators: C.Cabbarzade ,V.Sunter) 7 mins each
- Usage of different types of SEG in tip surgery. Dr.A.Joshi
- Lateral Septal Extender graft . The most versatile tool for correcting columellar projection and deviation Dr.F.Paez
- My approach in short columelas. Dr.F.Keim
- Alar cartilage problems in crooked nose. Dr.V.Sunter
- Lateral columellar grafting Dr.C.Cabbarzade
- Lateral Alar caudal Strut graft. Dr.U.Quijano
- Thick skin rhinoplasty without SEG Dr.V.Tas
- My way to use ansa banner Dr.A.Furlong
- Discussion
15:30Coffee Break
16:00More Hybrid Techniques to make it better. (Moderators: Dr.İ.Villareal,Dr.A.Camcioglu) 7 mins each
- Laser and exosome treatment for Rhinoplasty scars Dr.İ.Maria Villareal
- Middle Vault Surgery by Endonasal Non Destructive Technique Dr.A.R.Mesbahi
- Rhinoplasty on noses with fillers Dr.T.Sözen
- Asymmetrical Columellar Graft Dr.A.Camcioglu
- Alar base surgery Dr.S.Gode
- Avoiding rhinoplasty complications Dr.V.Taş
- Rhinoplasty fusion all concepts Dr.C.Cordero
- Endoscopic Nasal Septal Perforation Repair. Dr.Ö.Kemal
- Discussion
17:00More Revision Surgical Techniques (Moderators: Dr.N.Seyhun, Dr.A.Yildirim) 7 mins each
- Ring rim grefts use in contracted skin Dr.A.Yildirim
- My personal approach to nasal dorsum augmentation Dr.K.Yuca
- Complicated Revision Rhinoplasty Dr.A.Yildirim
- Extraordinary maneuvers Dr.H.Balikci
- Revision rhinoplasty with septum perforation Dr.S.Gode
- A new classification of Revision Rhinoplasties for Precision Rhinoplasty-Minor/Re-Shaping and Reconstructive Revisions - Dr.N.Seyhun
- Revision of Preservation Rhinoplasty Cases Dr.T.Sozen
- How to manage with the Preservation Revisions with Precision Tools. Never Ending Pitfalls of Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr.E.İlhan
- Discussion
18:00End Of Congress

In May 2024, we are organizing the 9th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress, an event that rhinoplasty enthusiasts from all over the world look forward to every year.

The 9th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress will take place on 3-4-5 May 2024 at the Hilton Bosphorus Hotel, located on the European side of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus.

9th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress will be attended by a faculty of 63 people, consisting of the world's most important surgeons.

Participants will be able to watch a total of 6 live surgeries for three days, two simultaneous surgeries each day.

Scientific Cometee

Dr. Jose Carlos Neves

Co Presidents

Dr. Emre İlhan

Co Presidents

Dr. Hüseyin Balıkçı

Co Presidents

Dr. Froilan Paez

Co Presidents

Teacher of Honor

Alwyn D'Souza

Roxana Cobo

Ignazio Tasca

Guests of Honor

Dr. Fazıl Apaydın

Dr. Süreyya Şeneldir

Dr. Eren Taştan

International Faculty

Dr. Enrico Robotti

Dr. Yong Ju Jang

Dr. Nabil Fakih

Dr. Chia Chi Kao

Dr. Alireza Mesbahi

Dr. Anil Joshi

Dr. Sameer Ali Bafaqeeh

Dr. Cristian Cordero

Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade

Dr. Diego Arancibia-Tagle

Dr. Barbara Flora

Dr. Ahmadreza Rajaee

Dr. Javier Galindo

Dr. Patricia Regalado

Dr. Ithzel M. Villarreal

Dr. Bülent Uğurlu

Dr. Juan Diego Mejia

Dr. Heriberto Valdes

Dr. Frederico Keim

Dr. Brajendra Baser

Dr. Blas Garcia

Dr. Eduardo Morera Serna

Dr. Hao Liu

Dr. Xiaojian Liang

Dr. Adriana Furlong

Dr. Frank Datema

Dr. Firas Hamdan

Dr. Gustavo Romero

Dr. Nodir Ibatov

Dr. Mohammed Shbair

Dr. Torekhan Izteleu

Dr. Sabina İsmailova

Dr. Ulises Quijano

National Faculty

Dr. Hüseyin Balıkçı

Dr. Sercan Göde

Dr. Tevfik Sözen

Dr. Ahmet Alp

Dr. Alparslan Yıldırım

Dr. İlker Yiğit

Dr. Murat Songu

Dr. Ali Evlice

Dr. Erkan Soylu

Dr. Güncel Öztürk

Dr. Naser Dadaşzade

Dr. Alev Camcıoğlu

Dr. Volkan Sunter

Dr. Köksal Yuca

Dr. Özgür Kemal

Dr. Serkan Barışkan

Dr. Hüseyin Özay

Dr. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu

Dr. Vedat Taş

Dr. Ozan Erol

Dr. Volkan Kahya


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