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What is Surgicall Academy?


Surgicall Academy is a platform created for rhinoplasty enthusiasts to teach the latest techniques on a global scale in the field of rhinoplasty and to facilitate credentials via ‘Fellowship Training Programs’, annually organized ‘All in One Rhinoplasty Congresses’ in İstanbul and virtual education programmes such as webinars and online coaching programmes all about rhinoplasty world.

After more than 20 successful years dedicated to rhinoplasty, by chasing the latest innovations as a passionate surgeon, Dr. Emre İlhan wanted to share his tremendous knowledge and expertise with new generation surgeons, Moreover, he wanted to contribute to the development of quality standards of rhinoplasty branch, which he has devoted his life and for that purpose he founded Surgicall Academy.

Why Surgicall Academy?

Surgicall Academy is a new generation hybrid education and learning platform, which has been created to fully prepare you for a successfull career as rhinoplasty surgeon.

This new generation hydrid education system, gives you the opportunity to choose among various programmes to suit your needs. You can create your own programme and select the 1-1 fellowship programme or you can attend online 1-1 coaching programme. Likewise, you can physically attend at All in One Rhinoplasty Private Course with a group of selected 15 attendee doctors or online rhinoplasty brainstorming group webinars, or you can apply to all of them.

Moreover, you can attend at annually organized All in One Rhinoplasty Congress, watch live surgeries leaded by worldwide known rhinoplasty surgeons, watch scientific lectures, panels and discussions on the latest rhinoplasty techniques and meet with tens of rhinoplasty, ENT and plastic surgeons as a unique networking opportunity.


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