8th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress Scientific Program


05 MAY 2023 / DAY 1

08:00Welcome Remarks
Introducing the Honorary Guests

Dr. Emre İlhan / Dr. J. Carlos Neves

08:30Masterclass: My current Hybrid preservation-structural rhinoplasty concept with splitting the middle vault
Dr. Enrico Robotti 45 mins.
09:15Masterclass: The Precision Rhinoplasty Philosophy: Dorsum-Sidewall/ Sidewall-Bony Base transitions / Precision is the New Preservation?
Dr. Emre İlhan 30 mins.
09:45Coffee Break
10:00Live Surgeries The Preservation Horizon
Moderators: E. İlhan / S. Göde / F. Paez) (Moderator in O.R. : T.Sözen)
Live Surgery 1: Dr. J. Carlos Neves The Precision Preservation Rhinoplasty
Live Surgery 2: Dr. Mario Ferraz SPAR Techniques in Preservation Rhinoplasty - The Brazilian Way from Dr. Wilson Dewes
13:30New Concepts and Approaches
Moderators: İ.Yigit / V.Sunter (7 mins Each)
Dissection in rhinoplasty: the rationale behind the technique Dr. Barbara Flora
Learning from Post Surgical Detailed Planning Dr. Nabil Fakih
Dissection planes (sub-areolar and sub-laminar) and cable sutures Dr. J. Carlos Neves
From the preop morphing to the post op result Dr. Diego Arancibia Tagle
Skin tensioning in rhinoplasty Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade
3D simulation for tailored profile in rhinoplasty Dr. Javier Galindo
Comparison of modern examinations in rhinoplasty Dr. Edgar Kaminskyi
14:30Preservation Rhinoplasty Re-Visited
Moderators :B. Flora / P. Regalado (8 mins Each)
Anatomy pearls to avoid complications with dorsal preservation Dr. Peter Palhazi
What Preservation Rhinoplasty can and can not preserve Dr. Teoman Doğan
Combining structural rhinoplasty with preservation techniques Dr. Tevfik Sözen
Dorsal preservation, reconstruction and hybrid - what else? Dorsal modification Dr. Vitaly Zholtikov
Precision Preservation Rhinoplasty - after impaction Dr. J. Carlos Neves
How to Expand Indications in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. Mario Ferraz
15:30Coffee Break
16:00The Bony and Cartilaginous Framework (Structure-Precision-Preservation)
Moderators: Dr. E. Felipe / Dr. D.Arancibia Tagle (7 mins each)
Anatomy of the osseocartilage vault and its management with piezo Dr. Peter Palhazi
Piezo rhinosculpture and partial osteotomies with maximum preservation of bone stability for treatment of different bony pyramids.
Dr. Vitaly Zholtikov (20 Mins)
Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty 9 years and over 2000 Cases Dr. Emre ilhan
Reshaping the bony framework Dr. Hüseyin Balıkcı
Structural contours. How to create maximum definition dorsal aesthetic lines Dr. Froilan Paez
How to reconstruct midvault Dr. Sercan Göde
The invisible part of the iceberg: The Radix Problems Dr. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu
17:00Crooked /Deviated Nose and Middle Vault and Caudal Septal Problems
Moderators: E. İlhan / P. Palhazi 7 mins each
Caudal Septal Deviation proposed classification and Managment Dr. Brejendra Baser
Caudal Septal Deviations and Proper Approaches Dr. Emre İlhan
Correction of Deviated Nose, a descending approach from root to base Dr. Ahmedreza Rajaee
Deviated Nose – The Perfect Indication for SPAR B (Low Strip) Dr.Mario Ferraz
Total septal reconstruction and Caudal septum Dr. Hüseyin Balıkcı
Spreader flaps, my choice in primary rhinoplasty Dr. Javier Galindo
Caudal septal redrape Dr. Sercan Gode
18:00Masterclass Lectures From The Teacher of Honor
Moderators: J. Carlos Neves / Mario Ferraz
Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dorsal Augmentation Dr. Vitaly Zholtikov
Hematoma preventing and prophylaxis of severe swelling - Skin Contour Sutures Dr. Vitaly Zholtikov
Reliable Septal Extension Graft fixation Dr. Vitaly Zholtikov
19:00End of Day 1

6 MAY 2023 / DAY 2

08:00Welcome Remarks
Introducing the Honorary Guests

Dr. Emre İlhan / Dr. Süreyya Şeneldir

08:15Masterclass: Reconstructing an aesthetic dorsum with SPF-SPLF rib grafts in secondary rhinoplasty
Dr. Enrico Robotti
09:00Masterclass: Concepts in Preservation Rhinoplasty
Dr. J. Carlos Neves
09:30Masterclass: SPAR-The Brazilian Preservation Philosophy
Dr. Mario Ferraz
10:00Masterclass: Extensor septal vectorial 593
Dr. Cristian Cordero
10:15Live Surgeries The Structure and Precision Horizon
Moderators: T. Sözen, M. Songu, J. Carlos Neves Moderator in O.R. S.Göde
Live Surgery 1: Dr. Emre İlhan Precision Rhinoplasty
Live Surgery 2: Dr. Froilan Paez Structural Rhinoplasty
13:30The Excellence in Tip Surgery
Moderators: İ.Yiğit/V.Taş (7 mins each)
Anatomy of tip cartilages, ligaments and the intrinsic tip aesthetics Dr. Peter Palhazi
The ideal geometry of the tip complex and how to achieve it Dr. Hüseyin Özay
Tip plasty - a conservative sequence Dr. J. Carlos Neves
My approach for the tip Dr. Teoman Doğan
Finding the right nasolabial angle in tipplasty Dr. Murat Songu
Dorsum and tip alignment Dr. Tevfik Sözen
How to create an attractive nasal tip (greft and suture) Dr. Naser Dadaszade
14:30Tip Definition and Tip Support
Moderators: H. Özay / C. Cordero (7 mins each)
How to achieve the best tip definition in thick skin patients? Dr. Sabina İsmayilova
Improving Tip projection step by step Dr. Brejendra Baser
Septocolumellar suture revisited: A practical new classification Dr. Fazil Apaydın
Fusion SIing - Revisiting anatomy and tip support Dr. J. Carlos Neves
Armadillo tip stabilization . Endo a exostructure to create the perfect tip definition Dr. Froilan Paez
How to interact tip with septum Dr. Sercan Göde
SEG, static stability vs dynamic distorsion Dr. Ahmedreza Rajaee
15:30Coffee Break
15:40Keynote: Reshaping the tip with the Precision Philosophy ‘Sequential Steps of Precision Tip-plasty with micro grafting’
Dr. E. İlhan
15:50Masterclass: Preservation Concepts in Revision Rhinoplasty
Dr. Mario Ferraz
16:00The Ethnic Rhinoplasty
Moderators: Dr. Liang / Dr. Ahmadreza Rajaee (7 mins each)
Application of Structural Rhinoplasty in Asian Patients Dr. Liang
Rhinoplasty in mestizo nose: are we all the same? Dr. Edgar Felipe
Issues related to the application of ear cartilage and nasal septum in rhinoplasty in Asian race Dr. Liu
Tip Surgery in Ethnic Noses Dr. Ahmet Alp
Management of Definition in Ethnic Noses Dr. Alparslan Yıldırım
Ethnic Rhinoplasty – How to achieve definition in Afro and Mestizo Noses Dr. Mario Ferraz
Ethnic Rhinoplasty, simple rules, difficult selections Dr. Ahmadreza Rajaee
17:00The Face Beyond Rhinoplasty
Moderators: Dr. Nabil Fakih / Dr. İlker Yigit (10 mins each)
Upper Blepharoplasty Volumetric Contouring Concept Dr. Nabil Fakih
The 3 Vector Suspension Technique in Lower Blepharoplasty: Re-Designing the Lower Eyelid Dr. Nabil Fakih
Premaxillary Augmentation with costal cartilage T. Sözen
My 17 Point Fat grafting technique to achieve Fascial Balance C. Kao
Profiloplasty with Rhinoplasty Dr. İlker Yigit
Laser treatment for Rhinoplasty scars Dr. İthzel Maria Villareal

18:00Secondary Rhinoplasty
Moderators: Dr. Ahmet Alp / Dr. Hüseyin Balıkcı ( 7 mins each )
What do I do in multple revisions? Dr. Hüseyin Balıkcı
A New Technique for Correction of Fibrous Pollybeak deformity Using A Rotational V shaped Flap in Secondary Rhinoplasty Dr. Nabil Fakih
Obtaining costal cartilage via periareolar incision Dr. Cristian Cordero
Endoscopic Costal Cartilage Harvest and use in Secondary Cases Dr.Emre İlhan
Closed revision rhinoplasty Dr. Sercan Göde
Revision Rhinoplasty and Complications Dr. Ahmet Alp
Management of dorsum and tip in revision rhinoplasty. M. Songu
19:00End of Day 2

7 MAY 2023 / DAY 3

09:00Keynote Lectures:
Moderators : Peter Palhazi , Edgar Kaminsky (12 mins each)
Dominant cephalometry . My way of planning my surgery Dr.Froilan Paez
Nasal anatomy for botulinum toxin and filler injections Dr.Peter Palhazi
Important features for successful osteotomy Dr.Edgar Kaminsky
Preop management of difficult cases Dr. Hüseyin Balikci
The Radial Expression Theory and the VIG Graf for the Narrowing the tip Dr. Emre ilhan
Patient Selection Criterias for Dorsal Preservation : to do or not to do... Dr. Ali Evlice
Prevention of Complications in Dorsal Preservation Dr. Ozan Erol
11:00Masterclass: Tetris 2.0 - Segmental Preservation Rhinoplasty
Dr. J. Carlos Neves
11:20Keynote: Extraordinary Maneuvers in Rhinoplasty
Dr. H. Balikçi
11:40Masterclass: Rhinoplasty in thick skin the tent pole concept,
Dr. Brejendra Baser
12:00Masterclass: Oblique Split
Dr. Eren Taştan
12:30Masterclass: The Trifecta of Beauty. Ponytail lift with KaoEyes and Rhinoplasty
Dr. C. Kao
13:30Thick Skin and İts Management
Moderators : B. Ugurlu, P. Regalado (10 mins each)
My golden techniques for thick skin management Dr. Bulent Uğurlu
Medical management of thick skin in rhinoplasty Dr. Patricia Regalado
Clinical and surgical approach to the thick skin Management Dr. Froilan Paez
Thick skin management Dr.Huseyin Balıkcı
Electrosurgery in Rhinoplasty Dr. Kim Patrick Murray
14:30More Tip Surgery :Septal Extension Graft vs Columellar Strat Grafts
Moderators: A.Joshi ,V.Sunter 12 mins each
Usage of different types of SEG in tip surgery. Dr. Anil Joshi
Lateral Septal Extender graft. The most versatile tool for correcting columellar projection and deviation Dr. Froilan Paez
Is Teostrut a SEG? Dr. Teoman Dogan
Supporting the Nasal Tip Dr. Volkan Sünter
Extention Graft Mastery Dr. Kim Patrick Murray
Lateral columellar grafting Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade
A New Designed Graft: Septal Columellar Strut Dr. Ulises Quijano
The Support Issue: Extention Graft or Strat, The selection criterias. Dr. Ali Evlice
16:00More Rhinoplasty…
Moderators: Dr. Vedat Taş, Dr. Alev Camcioğlu 7 mins each
Profiloplasty with Fillers Dr. Cem Hamidi
Rhinoplasty on noses with fillers Dr. Tevfik Sözen
Asymmetrical Columellar Graft Dr. Alev Camcioglu
Alar base, alar rim anatomy and support Dr. Peter Palhazi
Alar base surgery Dr. Sercan Göde
Avoiding rhinoplasty complications Dr. Vedat Taş
17:00End Of Congress

Scientific Cometee

Dr. Jose Carlos Neves

Dr. Mário Ferraz

Dr. Emre İlhan

Chairman / Live Surgery

Teacher of Honor

Dr. Enrico Robotti

Dr. Vitaly Zholtikov

Dr. Teoman Doğan

Guests of Honor

Dr. Fazıl Apaydın

Dr. Süreyya Şeneldir

Dr. Abdülkadir Göksel

Dr. Eren Taştan

International Faculty

Dr. Nabil Fakih

Dr. Peter Palhazi

Dr. Chia Chi Kao

Dr. Brajendra Baser

Dr. Froilan Paez

Dr. Diego Arancibia-Tagle

Dr. Edgar Kaminskyi

Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade

Dr. Barbara Flora

Dr. Ahmadreza Rajaee

Dr. Javier Galindo

Dr. Patricia Regalado

Dr. Cristian Cordero

Dr. Ithzel M. Villarreal

Dr. Kim Patrick Murray

Dr. Bülent Uğurlu

Dr. Anil Joshi

Dr. Xiaojian Liang

Dr. Hao Liu

Dr. Səbinə İsmayılova

National Faculty

Dr. Hüseyin Balıkçı

Dr. Tevfik Sözen

Dr. Sercan Göde

Dr. İlker Yiğit

Dr. Murat Songu

Dr. Vedat Taş

Dr. Hüseyin Özay

Dr. Volkan Sunter

Dr. Naser Dadaşzade

Dr. Ahmet Alp

Dr. Alev Camcıoğlu

Dr. Ali Evlice

Dr. Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu

Dr. Ozan Erol

Dr. Alparslan Yıldırım

Dr. Cem Hamidi

Dr. Ulises Quijano


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