All in One Rhinoplasty Congress

All in One Rhinoplasty Congress is an annually organized congress, with the mission of bringing together distinguished surgeons from all over our country and abroad, to discuss all the techniques and the latest innovations in rhinoplasty with our collegues.

It’s an outstanding global learning opportunity with live surgeries, interactive presentations and tips & tricks from the world renowned surgeons.

This year, we are organizing the 7th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress, which has already been a traditional and eagerly waited event among all Turkish and foreign rhinoplasty enthusiasts .

All in One Rhinoplasty Private Course

All in One Rhinoplasty Private Course is the advanced version of All in One Rhinoplasty Congress, with an intensive content and limited number of participants.

The programme consists of 2 full days with 4 live surgeries by 4 worldwide known, talented surgeons.

Virtual Education

Rhinoplasty Brainstorming Webinars: Scheduled sessions with Dr. Emre İlhan about the fundamentals and subtleties of rhinoplasty. Will be announced soon.

Coming Soon…

Digital Library: You will be able to reach Dr İlhan’s previous and upcoming live surgeries by becoming a Surgicall Academy member.

Coming Soon…

Coaching Programme

Coming Soon…


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