Scientific Program

7th All in One Rhinoplasty Congress

 14 MAY 2022 / DAY 1
08:30Welcome Remarks / Introducing the Honorary Guests Dr.Emre İlhan/ Dr. Süreyya Şeneldir /Dr. A. Göksel
09:00 MasterClass: 10 secret hints to get success in Rhinoplasty Dr. A. Göksel (online)
09:20 MasterClass: Precision Rhinoplasty How and Why do I perform? The Logic and Techniques Dr. E. İlhan
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00Live Surgery Dr. Hüseyin Balıkçı (Moderators: E. İlhan / S. Göde)
Structural Primary Rhinoplasty (Moderator in O.R T. Sözen)

13:30The Practice (Moderator: C. Cabbarzade /A. Alp) 6 mins each
• Developing successful Rhinoplasty practice in todays age Dr. R. Zoumalan
• Photography for rhinoplasty Dr.V.Sunter
• From The OR to Instagram the Post Op Follow ups Dr. A. Alp
• One rhinoplasty per day" concept. Dr. C. Cabarzade
• Modern type of examination in rhinoplasty Dr. E. Kaminsky *
• Discussion
14:00 New Concepts in Approaches (Moderator: Dr. E. İlhan -T. Sözen) (8min each)
• Skin tensioning concept in rhinoplasty Dr. C. Cabbarzade
• Combining Structural and Preservation Rhinoplasty Techniques Dr. T. Sözen
• Tips and tricks for better sutures on dorsum in closed rhinoplasty Dr. S. Göde
• Full open approach/Advantages-Disadvantages Dr. S. Turan
• Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty 8 years and 2000 Cases Dr. E. İlhan
• How to narrow the nose from dorsum to tip Dr. S.Turan
• Discussion
15:00Coffee Break
15:10 The Bony and Cartilaginous Framework (Structure-Precision-Preservation) (Moderators: M.Songu / D. Arancibia) 7 mins each
• Osseocartilaginous anatomy and its management with piezo Dr. P. Palhazi
• SELF algorithm for deciding the position of lateralosteotomies Dr. C. Cabbarzade
• Precision Management of the Nasal dorsum Dr. R. Zoumalan
• Dorsum and Osteotomy Management for the excellence Dr. H. Balikçi
• Dorsum Management in closed Rhinoplasty Dr. M. Songu
• Spreader Flaps re-visited Dr. D. Arancibia
• Discussion
16:00Preservation Rhinoplasty Re-visited (8min each) (Moderators: S. Gode / İ. Yiğit)
• Anatomy Pearls to Avoid Complications in PreservationRhinoplasty Dr. P. Palhazi
• Mucoperichondrial spreaderflap Dr. C. Cabbarzade
• My steps in lowering the dorsum in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. M. Songu
• Determination of the level of preservation concept -Dr. E. Kamisky *
• Preservation Rhinoplasty the concept and philosophy Dr. D. Arancibia
• Why did I left doing Dorsal Preservation in all cases? The drawbacks.. Dr. S. Göde
• The tipplasty tips in Closed Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. M. Songu
• Discussion
17:00 Crooked /Deviated Nose and Middle Vault and Caudal Septal Problems (8min each) (Moderators: E. İlhan / S. Turan)
• Septum, valves anatomy and the deviated nose: dorsal preservation vs subtotal / total septoplasty Dr. P. Palhazi
• Caudal Septal deviations and the proper approaches Dr. E. İlhan
• Posterior Septal Angle Fixating Suture;GiaANT suture Dr. T. Sözen
• How i reconstruct the midvault? Dr. S. Göde
• Crooked nose correction with Structural Approach Dr. İ. Yiğit
• Management of the crooked nose Dr. R. Zoumalan
• Discussion
Keynotes (Moderators: S. Gode - T. Sözen)
18:00 Keynote Lecture :The segmental preservation rhinoplasty, the Tetris concept Dr. J. C. Neves (online)
18:00 Keynote Lecture : Conservative Tip Plasty Dr. J. C. Neves (online)
19:00 End of day 1
15 MAY 2022 / DAY 2
08:30MasteClass by Dr. S. Şeneldir: ‘’Myhts in Rhinoplasty’’
09:00MasterClass Series by Dr. H. Balıkçı:
• Thick Skin Problems and Proper Management in Secondary Rhinoplasties
• Grafts and More for Defined Attractive Tip
• Extraordinary Maneuvers in Rhinoplasty
• My Techniques for Severe Revisional Cases

10:00Coffee Break
10:20Live Surgery : Dr. E. İlhan (Moderators: Dr. M. Songu / Dr. T. Sözen )
Open Precision Rhinoplasty (Moderator in O.R: Dr. İ. Yiğit)
13:30The Excellence in Tip Surgery Moderators: S. Göde / V. Sunter (8 mins each)
• Relevant anatomy of the tip cartilages and ligaments Dr.P.Palhazi
• Lateralcolumellargrafting Dr. C. Cabbarzade
• A Vectorial approach to Tipplasty for more natural results Dr. S. Göde
• Medial crural turn-in flap Dr. V. Sunter
• Types of Tipplasty Dr. E. Kamisky *
• Techniques that creates the ideal 3D position of Lateral Crura. Dr. İ. Yiğit
• Dynamics of Tip Surgery Dr. S. Turan
• Discussion
14:30Tip Definition and Tip Support Moderators: A. Camcıoğlu / T. Sozen / (7 mins each)
• How and why i use mucosal tongue-in groove technique indications and modifications Dr. E. İlhan
• My Tipplasty Techniques that creates Satisfaction Dr. A. Alp
• Medial crural strut and its use Dr. V. Sunter
• Camouflaging Maneuvers for Thin Skin Tipplasty Dr. S. Göde
• The Supratip Break Dr. A. Camcıoğlu
• Discussion
15:15Coffee Break
15:30Keynote: Reshaping the tip with the Precision Philosophy ‘Sequential Steps of Precision Tipplastywith micro grafting ’Dr. E. İlhan
15:50Keynote:The Fibonacci Concept in Proportioning the Nose Dr. E. İlhan
16:10 Secondary Rhinoplasty Moderator: H. Balıkçi (8 mins each )
• The Nightmare Cases and their management Dr. A. Alp
• Endoscopic Harvesting and the use of Costal Cartilage in Secondary Rhinoplasties Dr. E. İlhan
• Premaxillary Augmentation with Costal Cartilage. Dr. T. Sözen
• Management of the severe cases in secondary rhinoplasties Dr. A. Yıldırım
• Why i do all revision rhinoplasties in closed approach Dr. S. Göde
• Discussion
17:00More Rhinoplasty… Moderator: T. Sözen (6 mins each )
17:30• Profile alignment with fat transfer And Rhinoplasty Dr. İ. Yiğit
• Thick Skin Management in Rhinoplasty Dr. A. Alp
• Prepare yourself to all surprizes in revision rhinoplasty Dr. S. Göde
• Complication Management in Rhinoplasty Dr. A. Alp
• CamoflageGrats in Rhinoplasty Dr. A. Camcıoğlu
• Examples of easy cases that turned out to be difficult Dr. E. Kamisky*
• Ethnical Rhinoplasty Dr. A. Yıldırım
• Discussion
18:30Closure Dr. E. İlhan


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